Here you can find information and photographs of the different types of GS/GSA that where produced.

A quick overview:

All types, find a list of all known GS/GSA types, including a picture and production years.

Built abroad, most GSs and GSAs originated from France and Spain, but there are more exotic places where the GSs and GSAs where produced.

Highlighted types, some types deserve to get a litte extra attention, here the "X types", the Birotor and the Service are highlighted. learn about the basic things to look after when buying a GS/GSA.

Limited Editions, CitroŽn produced four well known limited editions of the GS/GSA. One of the GS and three of the GSA. But there are more than those four. They are described here.

Modified types, some people just don't have enough with a standard GS/GSA. They have to add "that personal touch". This can be done on different levels, from adding a simple spoiler to a complete makeover.

Derivatives, other cars and a motorcycle using the GS/GSA technic.

The Birotor
The technically most advanced GS...
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GS Basalte
Osez La Basalte...
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See the extraordinary GSs and GSAs..
Abroad GSs
The GS around the world...
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GSA Chic
C'est trťs Chic, n'est ce pas?
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More limited editions
Not ass well known as a Basalte or Chic, but certainly worth looking at..
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