More limited editions

Next to the previous mentioned well known GS/GSA limited editions, there where still a few other. These where, so to say 'limited limited editions', as they where produced in considerable lower numbers as the cars above. Often these cars can be described as reseller, or garage specials. When resellers have something to celebrate, for example if they're in business for 50 years, they sometimes tend to create a limited edition.

GS Pallas BreakGS Pallas Break

In Portugal, Citroën produced and sold the GS Pallas Break, although not strictly a limited edition, this car is a rare item. This car was a GS Break, equiped at the Pallas standard. The GS Club Break was not available in Portugal, odd enough one would say, since the Pallas trim level stands for luxury and in a lesser developed economy, like Portugal (at the time) one would expect less luxury in a car. So the price can get lower and therefor a car that is affordable by more people. However the GS Pallas Break is a very nice GS and was sold from 1974 untill 1979. When the GSA is introduced the Pallas Break is replaced by the standard GSA Club Break.

GS Pallas Break Jubileu

One of these limited was based on the GS Pallas Break and was sold in Portugal only. The car came in a only a small number of 50. This car was introduced to celebrate the 50st anniversary of Citroën Portugal. The GS Pallas Break Jubileu where all sprayed black and where equiped with red striping, special wheelcovers and a front spoiler.

GS Eco

This is a GS which occured in Austrian brochures for a short while, further I have no data on this car.

GS Quarzo

The GS Quarzo is introduced towards the end of 1979 and marques the end of the GS production. Quarzo are also sold in Portugal only. GS Quarzo are sprayed white also, this includes the bumpers and the front- and rear spoiler. The interiour is black, like the dashboard. The Quarzo cam in a small number of 50 cars.

GSA Pallas SEGSA Pallas SE

The GSA Pallas SE (Special Edition)was available in the United Kingdom in 1982 and 1983. The car is equiped with velours interiour, light alloy wheels and striping. The Pallas SE was available in black or silvergrey only.

GSA Club ExecutiveGSA Club Executive

The GSA Club Executive has been sold in Denmark in 1981 and 1982 only, as far as i know this car doesn't differ from a standard GSA Club, it wasn't even equiped with a 'Executive' type badge.

GSA Voila

One of the least known special series of GSA. The car was sold for s very short while in 1985 in Holland. The "Voila" is introduced at the occasion of the Amsterdam Automotive exhibition, the RAI. Next to the GSA, the Visa and the 2cv are also available as "Voila". The car at itself is nothing very special. Since the only extra is a badge on the rear. Further the prices where lower as for he normal GSAs.

Photo's of Limited editions

Underneath some photo's of GS/GSA limited editions i came across.
GS Pallas Break, click to enlarge GS Pallas Break, click to enlarge GS Pallas Break, click to enlarge

GSA Club Executive

GSA Pallas SE, click to enlarge GSA Pallas SE, click to enlarge GSA Pallas SE, click to enlarge