Here you can find all GS/GSA related literature.

A quick overview:

Brochures, view my collection of GS and GSA brochures from all around the world. Or view the full brochures themselves.

Advertisements, view the advertisements CitroŽn used to promote the GS and GSA.

Magazine covers, see some magazines with a GS or GSA on the cover.

Publications, view a list of publications (books, tests and articles) on the CitroŽn GS and GSA.

See how the GS was advertised...
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My collection
View the covers of brochures I collected on the GS/GSA...
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The 1991 Indonesian GSA brochure
Probally the most ackward GSA Brochure...
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1973 South African GS Brochure
Read this in two languages..
1985 French GSA Chic Brochure
View the chic brochure...
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Lists publications on the GS/GSA...
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