Citroën GS/GSA Brochures

Underneath all my GS/GSA brochures are listed. This is really the core of my passion. I have been collecting GS and GSA brochures since I was 5 years old. At first I collected car brochures of all different makes. However when movingout of the house and having less space I sold all the other makes except CitroŽn. Since then I have been collecting with a focus on GS and GSA. I bought a lot of the brochures at various fairs, others I have trade with people from all over the world. A few I have obtained myself in the 1980s. This by getting them from a Citroën dealer. I am also very thankfull for the people in all other countries who helped me expand my collecting. Thank you guys, for sharing the same passion!

I am still looking to expand my collection, if you have any brochure about the GS/GSA , make sure to send me an E-mail and I will consider buying it. I also have lots of rare other CitroŽn to trade.

Brochures by Country. You can find the brochures sorted by country.

Brochures by year. The brochures are sorted by modelyear here.

A selection of my spare brochures available for trade or sell here. Please send me mail if you are looking for something else. I have a lot CitroŽn brochures from the 1950s untill 2000s for trade or sale.

View entire brochures Here you can go through some recommandable GS/GSA brochures. I have scanned all these brochures entirely in JPG format.