Welcome to my Citroën GS and GSA Website.

On this website you can find various information about the Citroën GS and GSA. The menu on the left indicates the subjects that are displayed on this site. On the right you can find links to the latest additions to this site.

Brief description of contents:

Introduction, read about the reasons why I created this homepage, my own 'GS/GSA connections' and what makes the GS/GSA such a special car. Also you can take a look at the cars I have owned or still own.

History, here you can learn about the history of the GS and GSA. Divided into five subjects: History in text, History year by year, Prototypes, Production and Motorsports.

Types and versions, view a list of all known different Versions of the GS and GSA. Some versions like limited editions, the Birotor, GSX/X2/X3, GSA X3, custom built editions and non-French built GS/GSAs are highlighted specifically.

Pictures gives access to over 200 pictures and photographs of the GS/GSA. You can also read stories about cars posted by visitors. Or you can view the visitors Gallery. If you're feeling nostalgic you can take a look at the back to the seveties section, were old pictures from the street are on display.

Literature, lists the publications about the GS/GSA, also some brochures Citroën published about the cars, furthermore some advertisements that occured in the media through the 70's and 80's.

References gives you some leads to GS/GSA Clubs and other technical resources like GS/GSA mailinglists and other websites. You can also view the buyersguide.

Miscellaneous provides access to some entertaining subjects related to the GS/GSA such as: Miniatures, Cartoons, Quotes, TV commercials, Postcards and some other stuff I came across.

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Amongst the normal versions, there where several limited editions of the GS/GSA read all about it...
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View many images and photo's of GSs and GSAs in the Pictures section...
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Visitors Gallery
Take a look at the cars of visitors and submit you're own car..
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