Basically you can find here leads to information handy for GS and GSA owners. If you didn't find what you where looking for you can always send me an e-mail. Although please consider that I am not always able to give a fast reply. You can also ask me technical questions, but my technical knowledge is limited. In case of technical questions it is better to join a GS/GSA related mailinglist (see under option mailinglists on the left) and ask the question there. I can read mail in Dutch, English and German. I dont speak French or English, but I know people who do and I can forward you're e-mail. I welcome any information that can complete this references section.

A quick overview:

Addresses, find addresses of GS/GSA clubs, garages and part-services.

Links, find other related GS and GSA websites. Not all technical information but a lot of fun to browse anyhow.

Buyersguide, learn about the basic things to look after when buying a GS/GSA.

Mailinglists, for those who like share their interest with other GS/GSA interested. Or for technical references, there are a lot of experienced owners on this list.

List of manuals, a list of technical manuals that exist about the GS/GSA.

FAQ, questions that are asked Frequently....

Find them here...
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Browse other interesting GS/GSA websites...
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What to look for when buying..
Usefull for technical questions...
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Lists the technical manuals for the GS/GSA...
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