Welcome to the miscellaneous section.

Basically you can find here information that didn't fitted into any other category. Nonetheless it is very worthwhile.

A quick overview:

Car stories, read about the passion of GS/GSA owners for their cars. The journeys they have made, the adventures they have lived. The hard work they done on the car. The stories of how they acquired their cars...and more...

Cartoons, several cartoon artists have been inspired by the GS/GSA. Very fun to see how they drew the cars.

Commercials, watch the exiting commercials Citroën had made for the GSA.

Miniatures, for those who like to keep their GS/GSAs indoors is this the answer (or at least the cheapest solution). There are more GS/GSA miniatures than you think!

Postcards, ok, collection postcards because of the small cars that are on it....hmmm sounds a bit lunatic....well....ehhh see for yourself!

Quotes, may I quote you on that...yes you may...see what the press had to say about the GS.

Other, just a bunch of stuff I came across by surfing the internet or that people have sent me. Doesn't fit in any other category than quite fun!

Car Stories
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See some exiting GSA Commercials...
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See drawings of GSs and GSAs..
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Images from all around Europe...
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