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Underneath you can read what people had to say about the GS/GSA Website. May I thank you all for you're wunderfull stories and compliments! This is really a motivation to keep up the site. And I enjoy very much reading you're stories about you're cars! Note that I haven't kept a guestbook from 2002 - 2004 and after 2011 due to technical problems. Currently I am working on a new guestbook. I hope to bring it up soon! If you have anything to share, please mail me!

From: Rajiv Mehta
Date: 2011-12-23 23:27:00

Thank you posting...there is the most extensive site I've visited on the GS! As a child I my dad owed two --both GS Pallas --- one while he was in Zambia and another while he was in Syria. I swear it must have been the only GS in Zambia back in '76. I had fun driving it on 3 wheels, thru sand and to escape from guerrillas. Haven't see a GS in the US but do see SM's and DS's once in blue moon even now.

From: Menno van der Hoff
Date: 2011-10-30 16:03:10

Dear Matthys I have bought a Cottage in Bretagne which is under restauration now. The metal work is super and the car hasn't done more than 62000 km. Your site has more Cottage pics than any other general site i have found. Please tell me how I can find out if my Cottage was build at Rennes (as my 4 pcs C5 I have had) or was build at Vigo (where my present Grand Picasso was born) If you need more pics after restauration, happy to send them. Regards Menno

From: Will Hughes
Date: 2011-10-27 15:07:08

Thanks for a wonderful website. My first car was a 1978 G Special, followed by a GSA Club. Brilliant cars and I'd have one now if I could.

From: jonathan
Date: 2010-10-02 11:29:50

great site, many thanks, my gsa pallas was the best car i,ve ever owned,just wish i still had it.

From: De Friezen
Date: 2009-11-15 14:20:46

Groeten van de friese gsa bende, hartstikke bedankt voor de goede zorgen!

From: Chris Brakel
Date: 2009-09-05 00:07:38

Thanks for the fabulous pages full of GS info and pictures. I was a member of the Dutch GS club from 1987 till 1990 and was the proud owner of a silver 1975 GS Pallas with the boxline interior. Also many thanks to Garage Hans Jorissen in Lelystad who made it possible for me to keep this GS on the road. I would love another GS, one of the best cars I have ever had, and I have had many.

From: Lorraine
Date: 2009-09-02 18:54:13

Hi, We had a white 1971 1015 model whilst living in Germany in the 70's. We did thousands of happy kilometres in the car then sold it and got a bronze 1220 Club which was also excellent. Lots of our photos from that time feature the Citroen, it was our prized possession. Happy times and a really excellent car. Nice to see an interesting site dedicated to a really neat car.

From: Jeffery Wahjudi K...
Date: 2009-08-28 23:57:29

Allo, I have Citroen GS since 1996, in my experience, driving GS or GSA is soo comfort and save. I interest with your web site. Now In Indonesia, the population GS and GSA so little, in my city just 3 or 5 GS/GSA still running on the way.

From: Jacques Steyn
Date: 2009-02-20 06:49:33

Hi Everyone I have bought a GS Club Estate a few years ago and fixed the engine and mechanics. Recently I started to restore the body work. This car is a lovely car and drives exceptionally well and is very trustworthy. I drove it from PTA to JHB and back for 4 months, going to and from work while my other vehicle was broken. It would be nice to be in contact with other Citroen enthusiasts. I've got a group on Facebook where I will post pictures and info.

From: Fernando
Date: 2009-02-19 13:46:23

Congratularions. Lovely web for a lovely car. My father had a Citro?n Garage during 60?s and 70?s here in Aviles, and I rememeber that arround 1973-74(?) he must went to Madrid for weeks to learn about the new GS mechanics. Unfortunely I never own it, but I am a really Citroen fan, except VISA and LNA of course. :-)

From: Manny da Silva
Date: 2009-02-15 12:01:46

It was like a walk down memory lane discovering this website. It would be great to find a GS is South Africa - they have become extinct. I owned 3 GS models in my younger day - 2 x 1220 Club hatches, and a 1220 Estate. This was in the late 80's and then already spares were hard to find, and relatively expensive. There was already a shortage of skilled technicians to work on these cars. No matter how advanced cars become, the the older DS and GS were years ahead, and for me will always remain the most comfortable and ergonoically friendly cars ever built. Only a person who has ever owned and driven the DS & GS models will appreciate this fact. I hope there is a South African who reads and responds to my comment. thanks for this site Manny

From: Christophe
Date: 2008-11-10 22:55:44

I have had my second GSA since 2006 and driven it as often as I can. Since I've had it I have rediscovered (from teenage Mini days) what fun driving at less than breakneck speed can be. Such pleasure to handle, such effective steering that is so natural in feel, such relaxed, comfortable, spacious and agreable motoring, it is a gorgeous car. Strange that this should be known to so few.. Keep up the good work.

From: paul harrison
Date: 2008-10-12 22:03:34

what a brilliant web site - well done for such a dedicated and informative site-i have never owned a gs and have not actually seen one live as it were but i am well aware of the car as i have a keen interest in all cars new and old.i find the dashboard fasinating and would love to see one in action-anyway well done

From: Rushton Aust
Date: 2008-03-11 19:39:41

hi Mattijs Always should have let you know before now, I really appreciate your web site for the G. It is a truely brilliant. Visiting encourages me to do the best for my G. oops! I now have two, a 1982 GSA Pallas and a 1978 GS Special. very best regards

From: John Tozer
Date: 2008-02-22 09:08:03

Last week I purchased my first GS, a 1974 GS Club 1220 wagon for $800. I had only bought my first Citroen last June, a 2002 Xsara VTR coupe but I wanted a real Citroen aswell. I have just found your site and love it, thankyou I have learnt quite alot. I was wondering if it was possible to still get synchromesh units for the manual gearbox? 1st and 2nd are okay but 3rd and 4th are worn.

From: Deenis Tuininga
Date: 2007-11-01 21:06:24

Erg leuke site en heb mezelf nu ook maar ingeschreven. Ben zelf in het bezit van zes Gssen waaronder een 1015club 1972 1220club break 1973 gspecial 1975 1220club break 1976 Gspecial 1977

From: Graham H Wilson
Date: 2007-10-09 18:07:38

Correction to previous entry: typing error. My GSA Special has the 1129cc engine.

From: Graham H WILSON
Date: 2007-10-09 12:45:39

As the new registrar for the G Section of the Citroen Car Club in the UK, you may be interesed to know that the club thinks it has 207 GSAs and 80 GS cars recorded as "not scrap" but this information is now out of
Date: . About 20 GSs and 31 GSAs have been seen on the road in the last 2 year in the UK. We think that the G Section has 66-75% of all GS/A cars registered in the UK. My own cars are a 1978 GS Pallas C-matic that has done 20,500 miles and a 1981 GSA Special with the 1229cc engine. The latter is the only one that the club records show is on the road and I have done nearly 5.000 miles in it since March 2007 when I bought it. Comment by Mattijs Kemmink Hi Graham, Thank you for you're message. :) Nice to hear that there are still caring owners outthere. Although I am a bit shocked by the low numbers of GS/GSA still was a very popular car during the eighties.. From the sound of it that are two realy nice cars to own. I was aware of the 1129cc, but I cannot edit any messages... :( Regards, Mattijs

From: campolucci stefano
Date: 2007-05-30 23:08:25

j ai trouve cette gsx3 en tres bon etat de conservation an 1979 et je suis en train de la restaurer je cherche le code du couleurs gris des jantes merci

From: Wolfgang Siebeck
Date: 2007-05-01 19:32:04

Hi, I stumbled on your side while browsing from my new home in Thailand. Years ago, I was the proud owner of a GSA Break, the first car I bought new, following two second hand DS's, one normal DS20 and one DS20 Pallas. Great memories :-)

From: gordon
Date: 2007-03-17 19:06:54

: ) i was happy when i found this site... it reminds me of gsx 1.3 with quad headlights my dad had when i was young... it was orange coloured and produced by cimos in ex-yugoslavia.. if i remember correctly it had rev counter as a standard, only left mirror, tires were produced by sava (made in slovenia, ex-yu) and were 145/80 15 size... windows were not tinted... it had 4 gears... no radio... the left doors were replaced with gsa doors due to accident... the car had an anti-corrosion treatment done when it was still new, i cant remember the

From: (something starting with d) and it did not had problems with corrosion (it was aroun 11 years old when we sold it)... he he, just remebered i have a brand new front bumper, still wrraped in plastic (chrome one, just the midle part without sides - don't know which model) and a second hand rear window... would be happy to get rid of it... anyway i loved the car, great design, timeless

From: Ezra Dack
Date: 2007-01-03 02:46:59

Great site. Needs some more activity on the sales and wanted classifieds! I want parts for my recent purchase. Otherwise I have a car for sale. 1983 GSA Special 77K kms, Manual trans. Works very well, just serviced engine and suspension at Citroen Dealer in San Pedro, Spain, near Marbella! Will have pictures available for this site soon!

From: Chris L
Date: 2006-12-08 20:11:50

Love the site. Its very well designed and has some good info on it. I am a Citroen DS owner but I'm also a big fan of the GS and SM.

From: S?ren M Nielsen
Date: 2006-11-22 09:27:14

Great site, ...We drove our 1972 model GS break for 18 years, where it perfectly served the family's transport needs, without any major breakdowns or failures... After some corrosion repairs at the rear, and a replacement of the rear suspension frame in 1984, it continued to serve us until 1990, where I (luckely) decided to take it out of regular service. Here late 2006, I've commenced a throughout overhaul of the body. In some months time I look forward to bring it back on the road again.

From: Brian
Date: 2006-04-26 22:08:23

Great site. Brings back very happy memories of my first job in 1980 working at a Citroen Garage in the parts department. Always been a Citroen fan, GS great car

From: Marijn Laenen
Date: 2006-03-02 10:34:01

Fantastisch leuke website! Ik verkoop mijn GS trouwens :( met pijn in het hart en wegens financi?le omstandigheden moet deze verkocht worden. Gs Sp?cial van 1979. Ik hoor het wel, Greetz

From: Christian
Date: 2006-02-07 01:46:51

Recently purchased one of 4 known GSA's in the US! It is a C-Matic Pallas, 1983. Have several Citroens but none that are this rare, and that is saying somthing since Citroens are rare anyway in the US!

From: Peter van der Knaap
Date: 2005-12-07 20:11:13

Hi Mathijs; It is still probably the best GS-site in the western hemisphere. Great work en leuk m'n eigen verhaaltjes weer 's te lezen. Nog steeds allemaal waar by the way! Groet! Peter

From: Geoff
Date: 2005-12-01 18:37:02

I have just bought a GS from a scrapyard here in France (11) . Can anyone please tell me anything about this version - what engine size it has ? The underbonnet plate reads : TYPE : GX SERIE : GA S9GA8778 Thanks to you all

From: javier
Date: 2005-11-28 16:46:26

i have an 1981 GSA sp?cial 1130cc,it is a rare car here in argentina there are a few at the streets. i would like to send some pictures for the visitors gallery.

From: Svein Lystad
Date: 2005-11-11 23:26:05

Hey all Citoen friends ! I think the Citroen GS is the most genial car ever. It's a pity that the C 4 doesen't have hydraulics, then it could almost been a replacement. I have owened only Citroen cars since 1977, from 1977 to 1997 I drove GS/GSA's. My dream is, someday, to be a owner of a GS again and then hopefully an 1975 Club, as my first Cit. Till then I drive very nice in my Xantia, but, help, it looks like a Toyota ! At last; it's nice to see the new range of Citroen's, they slowly begin to look like real Cit's again. Thank You for the site.

From: MAGA
Date: 2005-10-25 22:19:24


From: Burcea - Iancu Radu
Date: 2005-10-20 22:43:58

Very nice website. I am the owner of an romanian made Citroen Axel, an OLTCIT 12 TRS. I like it but it is a little bit old, 16 years, and i am starting to have problems with it. I'm trying to find Citroen made parts for it but in my country this is not possible.

From: Basil Chimon
Date: 2005-08-17 23:37:28

I've just bought a 1983 GSA Pallas. I've been driving it about like a little kid. It's one of the reasons I got into engineering. One of my uncles worked in France on Concorde and I can remeber him with his GSA, showing me how it went up and down. Fantastic. I will fully restore it to its original cvondition and keep it forever!!! I've also got a Xantia Activa. Citroen should find themselves again. They should get rid of their wishy washy management and get funky!! Fantastic engineering - unfortunately not understood by accountants and finance people.

From: luis
Date: 2005-08-14 18:31:40

Tenho um GSA de 1982 uma verdadeira maquina nunca nos deixou ficar mal..... Se alguem tiver pe?as ou saiba onde possa encontralas por favor contacte....

From: oscar
Date: 2005-04-12 00:36:07

es muy bueno poder ver el auto del que soy un apasionado ,por todo el gustaria contactarme con otro fanatico del gsa.gracias

From: Olivier
Date: 2005-03-19 19:43:55

Hey That's quite a nice site, thank you so much because I was born in 1982 and my parents had a brown GSA Special, from 1979 to 1989, and I wanted to see pictures of this car where I spend my early childhood travelling in Italy, Spain, etc... I was sad not to have any pictures of this car but now I know where to go to find some !!! I reminds me of my early days in this so special car !!!

From: Michael Hennessy
Date: 2005-03-17 23:50:10

I owned a 1981 GSA Pallas and regret selling it. I would love to own a GS, but they're very rare in Ireland. I love your site. Keep up the good work.

From: Erik den Ruyter
Date: 2005-03-01 20:56:03

Hoi Heb al jaren een gsa Pallas c-matic. Auto 7 1/2 geleden gekocht in oostenrijk. Volledig roestvrij met nu 49.000 km op de teller. Auto had wel een deuk vandaar opnieuw gespoten en afgewerkt met blanke lak. Alles vernieuwd wat nodig was . Auto is in een mint conditiie en word zelden gebruikt staat bij de kachel binnen. Voorzien van c=matic schuifdak etc. Auto is getaxeerd op 9200 euro met vermelding dit is geen restauratie maar een herbouwde auto. Alles orgineel en niets defect. Kleur wit . Extra's set winterbanden alle boekjes van 1e eigenaar radio cassette. reserve sleutels. Gewoon nieuw. Erik den Ruyter geen lid van de gsa club wel geweest.

From: Adam Williams
Date: 2005-02-20 17:16:05

Recently bought a GS Club as a restoration project. First drove a friends GSA Pallas and knew I had to have one. The ride is the best ive ever experienced and the steering super precise and well weighted. I love the style of the car and the interior is just superb. I like the continental cars dash and the Pallas GSA dash is the best, but I also love the conflicting avant guard styling against the sporty british style dials of the UK GS models.

From: Kutsal Dogan
Date: 2005-02-03 00:01:40

I used to own a 1973 GS Club when I was a college student in early 90s. I now live in the U.S. with no hope of owning another GS or Citroen any time soon. Thanks for the nice site and pictures. Cheers.

From: IVAN
Date: 2005-01-13 00:22:30

I HAVE A CITROEN GS 1.3 SUPER,I THINK,THATS IS A WERY GOOD,AND VERY NICE CAR.H e have a 25 years,and 46466 kilometers. (au) O:)

From: J Paterson
Date: 2005-01-02 00:58:23

Superb Site. How I miss my first ever car, a 1982 GSA Pallas. I,m still faithful to the double chevron badge.

From: Remco Visser
Date: 2004-10-25 23:43:26

Super site! Ik heb vandaag een GS Club Break uit 1979 gekocht! Ik zal je site vakaer gaan bezoeken! Gr. Remco

From: Jussi
Date: 2004-10-16 21:24:54

This is very good site! Found many interesting things here. Now i just should get to work my GS Break -77

From: Christopher Hunter
Date: 2004-10-11 20:32:26

I loved this car when it came out.I was 10 at the time and it seemed so space aged compared to everything else on the road.The thrumm for engine was very characteristic(based on a Panhard engine I believe).The dash was also groovy.Citroen really needs to return to a technical tour de force like the GS.

From: Diego Bonorino
Date: 2004-09-29 14:19:55

Hi!!, it?s a great pleasure to meet you people!!, I?m from Argentina and proudly the only owner of a totaly original GS Pallas 1979, everybody here knows my car and I will always keep it original...of course!!! Well, I would like to recieve any information from you... Goodby and have a nice day!! Diego

From: David
Date: 2004-08-23 23:33:06

Hi! It's "G"ood to "S"ee another great GS site; congratulation!!! I have a GS too, it is a GS Super 1.3 (great machine...)

From: Hans Bakker
Date: 2004-08-22 13:23:58

Hoi Matthys, leuke site geworden zeg! Heb het GS-GSA virus nog steeds goed pakken... Heb je (mijn) grijze X3 nog steeds? Ben zeer benieuwd. Ik heb zelf mijn koperkleurige X3 net geschorst (en gesloopt), dus mocht je nog onderdelen nodig hebben, bel of mail. Heb wel een hele mooie Ami Super gekocht, om het luchtgekoelde viercilinder-gevoel niet kwijt te raken. Ga je binnenkort nog naar een GS-GSA meeting, misschien kunnen we samen gaan? Groet en tot later, Hans Bakker

From: Gerard Maas
Date: 2004-08-16 11:51:57

Hallo Mathijs. Je heb er een vreselijke mooie site van gemaakt Ik heb er echt van genoten,vooral omdat ik een GS1015 van 1971 heb gehad van 1973(90.000km tot 1979(3oo,000km en er veel plezier mee heb gehad Nu rijden we een XantiaSX 19TDiesel break Zelf heb ik 41 jaar bij Citro?n gewerkt.Dus een echte citrofiel.Ik ben nu 61jaar en zit al 2jaar in de WAO en probeer op internet alle citro?n liefhebbers te helpen op alle sites die er bestaan,daar kom ik leuk mijn dag mee door. Maar ik zie hier toch ook een echte Citrofiel. Dus mocht je me ooit nodig hebben.als ik kan zal ik je helpen.Groetjes Gerard.

From: zax
Date: 2004-06-17 00:19:23


Date: 2004-06-04 14:57:55


From: alberto cardona
Date: 2004-05-22 02:56:02

muy buena la p?gina ?????? tengo un GS y un GSA adem?s de mi otro auto un renault 19 txe chamade que tengo de 0 km Pero comparando los citro?n con el renault este es un ''carruaje de caballos''????? Aqui es dif?cil conseguir repuestos simples como una turbina ,pero mientras pueda los voy a mantener ?????viva el GS y el GSA????? saludos alberto :))

From: Jim Routis
Date: 2004-05-20 22:16:59

Great site ! one site i was always looking for ... my father used to drive a Citroen GS around 70's, and a GSA around 80's ... it's my favorite car ...

From: Llewelyn
Date: 2004-05-19 16:54:34

hi, love the site! it takes me back to my childhood - my parents always had GS and GSAs!

From: Paul-Ivo
Date: 2004-04-12 09:38:58

Ziet er (weer) fraai uit Matthijs!

From: Edwin Thuijs
Date: 2004-03-22 21:14:51

Hallo Mattijs, aan mij de eer voor het tweede bericht. Vandaag de licht groene GSA special gekocht die op marktplaats stond. De gene waarover de discussie gestart werd over 4 of 5 bakken. Leuke auto met wat franse deuken maar mooie lak en leuke kleur. Technisch prima staat. Groeten Edwin

From: paul dalgarno (

Date: Thu Oct 25 14:18:55 2001

gsa photos

hello i would like to use a few of your pictures on my home page well citroen part of it when its done is that ok i used to have a gsa a long time ago and didnt ever take a photo of it(dallo44) on yaho chat bye

From: Simon Schimanski (
Date: Tue Oct 16 07:43:42 2001

My GS... Hullo Matty! I've owned my '78 GS Pallas for over a year now, so thought I should leave something in here! GS' seem very rare here in the UK, i've owned mine since June 2000

, and have never passed another on the road (although I always give CX's and Dyanes friendly beeps!). My car is a bit of a wreck, full of niggly little faults: you have to keep cranking the starter when you fire up or the motor dies, the heater can only be switched off under the bonnet, window winders keep popping off etc etc, plus the thing always costs a fortune to repair. But I still love it. I've always driven 60s/70s cars, and the GS is the best i've owned. It is so comfortable amd fast on the motorway, even when I did a 200 mile round trip with no exhaust back box (I just turned the radio up)! The handling is brilliant too, although bear in mind that my last car was a Morris Marina... I only wish the car was a hatchback, although shortly after I got it, I went to west Wales (a 600 mile roun

From: Dick Kampen (
Date: Sat Oct 13 15:35:26 2001

GS 1220 Club break '73 Hi Mathys, I,last week, got myself a GS club break from '73, as an ex. Dyane,CX, XM and DS driver I am surprised about this car and glad to pocess one, to maintain and protect this beauty as there are not much left(people used to bring them to scrape or junk yards because of the low prices in the early eighties) could you please bring some more tips and info on your site of how to keep a GS in good condition. I think other GS owners will also be gratefull!! Can you tell how many GS are left in Holland? Thanks for your site, keep going!!!!

From: Hugo Hofmans (
Date: Sun Oct 7 08:57:24 2001

Looking for a GSA for daily use/Zoek GSA voor dagelijks gebruik. As I already own a Pallas which is clearlely not for daily use and I now drive a GSA Special '84 for daily use (but she needs a lot of work), I am looking for a "new" GSA (with less work) for daily use. If there is anyone in Belgium who is selling a GSA with not too much work, I am serously interested. Call me 015/51.82.60 (answering machine if not at home). Gezien ik nu een GSA Special '84 gebruik voor dagelijks gebruik, maar gezien de auto wel redelijk wat werk behoeft, heb ik besloten om uit te kijken naar een andere GSA voor dagelijks gebruik (één met minder werk als het kan). U kan mij bellen op 015/51.82.60 (antwoordapp. indien niet thuis). Verder bezit ik nog een GSA Pallas, maar de wagen is full-option en volledig orgineel zodat ik hem liever "opgeborgen" houdt en zeer sporadisch gebruik, nog een 2CV Special die ook af en toe eens rijdt. Het echte werk wordt gedaan met een GSA Special die, zoals gezeg

From: Hamish Cameron (
Date: Thu Oct 4 06:19:51 2001

New Zealand GS owers Thanks for the excellent site. I own a 1975 Gs Clud that I am restoring and would like to hear from any GS owners in New Zealand, information on parts and how to restore the Hydraulic suspension would also be appreciated. Hamish Cameron

From: verhees (
Date: Wed Oct 3 09:57:02 2001

te koop GSA Een prachtige website! geweldig Voor een liefhebber van eerste eigenaar te koop GSA special zilvergrijs metalic 1300 cc uit 1983. inclusief veel reserve onderdelen en trekhaak met wit nummerbord voor aanhanger voor hfl 900,= Helaas is het uitlaatsysteem lek. In prijs o.a. voor uitlaatsysteem Y-stuk en L- en R-spruitstuk. Olieretourpijpjes met O-ringen en de aandrijfriemen zijn recent vernieuwd. Verder als reserve onderdelen: 2 koplampensets, 2 achterlampensets, 2 knipperlampensets en buitenspiegel. Reserve carburateur etc. s.v.p. bellen voor 13:00 uur en na 16:00 uur.

From: Efthimis (
Date: Wed Sep 26 20:57:33 2001

All time car!! Congratulations for this great site Mattysk, The first car i drove was a GSA of '84.I was not very impressed because i wanted a new fast car,by the time i realized that i was wrong!The feeling of their superb brakes and the advanced technology of hydropneumatic-suspension offered me relaxable and safe driving that i cant find in any cars except BX's,XANTIA's and C5's.No one knows GSA before he drives it.After that he wants a Citroen!Continue with your great work! CITROEN RULES!!!! Efthimis Tsousis Athens ,GREECE

From: K-(DK)
Date: Sun Sep 16 04:40:52 2001

Good page Citroen history is fascinating ! -K

From: Ricardo Moura (
Date: Tue Sep 11 19:02:50 2001

Reabuild a GSA I'm reabuilding a GSA and i would appreciate all technical information or directions on how to find it, about this particular model. I would also need to know how to get a few parts that i have to change Thank's

From: Hendrik Jan (
Date: Wed Aug 15 11:16:14 2001

Where can I find a GSA in Holland? Hai, First I want to compliment you with this wonderfull site. My parents used to have a Gs and lateron a GSA. I almost forgot what beautiful cars they where. I was wandering if you could tell me a site where I can find out if one of these cars is still driving around Holland? Greetings and keep up the good work, Hendrik jan from Zwolle, the Netherlands

From: martijn (
Date: Sat Jul 7 09:38:21 2001

Link Mooie site over de GS/A! Ik heb een linkje gemaakt op mijn site, waar ook de nodige GS/a's op staan. Citrogroeten MArtijn

From: Grant (
Date: Thu Jun 28 03:22:49 2001

GSA and website Great website. I have just found an 81 GSA Pallas and am now negotiating purchase of this vehicle. Seller wants NZ$500.00 but is open to offers, so I will see what I can do.Some rust about body but nothing underneath or about suspension.This vehicle will be a great project so am looking forward to my purchase.I used to own a 74 GS semi Auto which I loved driving and of course fell inlove with this model. I also used to own a 54 light 15 Citoen in my youth and sadly sold it> great car also. Anyway will close and add this site to my favourites. Cheers till next time. Grant from New Zealand

From: Hofmans Hugo (
Date: Sun Jun 24 08:02:03 2001

Reactions to latest guestbook visitors By reading the latest updates in the Guestbook I was surprised that a former BX-owner was speaking about Citroën-cars rusting away. The BX was the Citroën that came after the rust-periods and just the BX was a perfect example of no-rusting French-cars ... The to Claire who thinks back at the time when GS-driving was a daily issue; try to find a GS or a GSA, do a bit of (hard) work (or find a GS which is an exceptional good condition, if you look very good, if you can spend enough it will be possible ... at least in Belgium ...). I drive a 1983 GSA Special as daily car (I keep a 2CV in my other garage just in case ...) and I have a 1980 (very early GSA, classic ignition) which I only use on beautiful sundays. The 1980 is a full option Pallas, colour : gris nacré, option "isother", 5-gearbox, boxline interior ... To be honest; now the Pallas is needing a bit of work to ensure amusing summertrips. I want to add that I am still looking fo I wish to add that I am still looking for GS and GSA's in Belgium (at reasonable prices ...). Greetings : Hugo - Boortmeerbeek-Hever (Belgium).

From: Stephan (
Date: Sat Jun 23 19:36:52 2001

Tragedy I really appreciate your site; I didn´t know anything about GS before. I owned a cheap BX 19 for a few weeks but had to sell it again, although it was quite hot (the heating couldn´t be switched off :) ) Its quite a tragedy with Citroen: they invented one great car after another and they just rusted away..

From: claire parker (
Date: Wed Jun 20 10:30:50 2001

citroen gs When Iwas at school I used to travle in the citroen gs and I allways enjoyed the trip the only thing that I did'nt like was the seats thay were very silly looking, but thay were comfortable. I miss those years thay were good! keep up your excelent site it is a good site to relive old memories on and i enjoy all the pictures on it.I wish thay would BRING THE CITROEN GS BACK IT WAS A TRUE CLASSIC.

From: Hofmans Hugo
Date: Sun Jun 3 10:20:39 2001

CITROEN GSA SPECIAL en GSA PALLAS Just beautiful ... all kind of sites about GS and GSA. I own a GSA-Special (84) and a nice GSA-Pallas (Gris Nacré, full option, boxline interior, first model 1980). The Pallas is 'resting' for a few years now, because she needs a bit of work (some new hydraulic lines and a new fuel-pump). I'am very happy to see that people in all different countries are collecting and driving GS and GSA-models. As for the situation in Belgium; just a few GS and GSA are still seen, however it is not that difficult to get spare parts here (you just have to know where and how, some parts are even available new from Citroën-France ... if you wait long enough). For the moment I don't have much time, but I will certainly join the site back in a few weeks. I cannot even mention my e-mail adress because I'am using someone else's computer, so ... However, good site, very interesting, keep it going like that ... Hugo GS/GSA - Boortmeerbeek (België)

From: Nigel (
Date: Sun May 20 07:38:08 2001

GS Site What a great site you have. My affair with Citroens started with 7 GS's and went on to 6BX's. I am now on my second XM. I wish that the XM had such a great site. Keep up the good work!! Regards Nigel Collier Feltham Middlesex UK

From: Christian Busse (
Date: Mon May 7 18:46:10 2001

GS Club Break Hi, greate site for a great car! In fact, my first car back in 1982 was a white 1978 GS Club Break which I spotted on the backyard of a local Citroen dealer while riding a train... Got my mother to drive me there again and instantly fell in love! It took the dealer two weeks of repairs to get it through the technical inspection, but for me it was the greatest car ever made! Today I drive a Subaru SVX, but one of my dream cars would still be a black GSA Pallas Break with about 100 HP, spoke wheels, electric everything & A/C... :-D About 7 years ago (driving a BX 16 at the time) I even bought a GSA Break from a junk yard to fix it but never found the time to finish it properly, so the car never got a new registration :-( Btw, has anybody noticed the striking similarity of the VW Polo's side view to a GS Break? I regard that as an hommage to the most beautiful "profile" of any estate wagon ever! Christian (Germany)

From: Rob Könning (
Date: Fri Apr 27 11:29:38 2001

GS 1220 Club Het doet me goed toch nog enige enthousiaste medestanders te vinden. Ikzelf heb een exemplaar uit 1973.

From: Rob (
Date: Mon Apr 23 13:18:35 2001

Bx14E / GSA Hi, Great page! I too grew up with a GS(A), and am now driving a BX14E. it's weird, but I am in the process of doing the same mods as you are to my BX (eg rev counter, clock, spoiler, etc). the only difference is that i have the AX engine, so am looking for an AX GT to steal the carby from... luckily, i already have the GTi interior, as mine is a special edition 14. could i ask about electric windows? is it just a question of putting in the motor where the winder used to be (and obviously wiring it all up!), or is it more complicated than that? cheers, Rob (UK).

From: Paul Stanford, England (
Date: Tue Apr 17 09:17:30 2001

To buy or not to buy? Hello, I'm being tempted by a "C" reg GSA I've seen driving around for sale for £450.00 . I know almost nothing about mechanics but know I love the way it looks. Is this beauty too much for an amateur? Or should I just buy it? The bodywork is in brilliant condition for its age. Do the GSA's take a lot of looking after? My budget is very very small. Any help would be great! Many Thanks!

From: Andy Stobart (
Date: Mon Apr 16 17:38:32 2001

Great Website As a terminal collector of interesting (and cheap!) cars GS and GSAs have been favourites of mine for a long time. Your website is absolutely superb in content and depth of knowledge. I have a 1983 GSA Pallas which has been off the road for a few years. Sadly the rust bug is eating it, but if anyone is interested in a project please contact me. I've quite a few good panels for it, and there is a good specialist near where it is located in Somerset, England. One day I'll have enough time and money to develop the RX7 engined GS I've always wanted to do. Keep up the good work of promoting the GS/GSA. It's not only 'freaks' who think it's great: Alex Moulton (he of Mini rubber suspension and small wheeled suspension bikes) rated the GSA as the best car of all time in a Top Gear magazine survey, and that most erudite of motoring journalists, LJK Setright, thinks they're none-too-shabby either.

From: Anders Hammar (
Date: Sun Apr 8 11:17:36 2001

citroen xantia 2,0 ct Sorry that this has nothing to do with GS/GSA but i´m desperate!I saw Jan Matthijs Werkman:s Citroën Xantia t.c.t. at Xantia-world.Does anyone know how i can find Mr.Jan.I have a Xantia turbo my self and i have done some engine-modifications my self.I saw some strange things under Jan:s bonnet and i would like to ask him a few questions

From: Bas Kwee (
Date: Thu Apr 5 13:04:37 2001

reparatie info Ik ben op zoek naar handige reparatietips. Hoe kun je het makkelijktst de olieretoerpijpjes oliedicht krijgen? Hoe kun je het motortje goed droog krijgen? Moet een GSA op loodhoudende benzine lopen? Alle info is zeer welkom want volgende week moet mijn GSA weer door de APK! Groeten Bas

From: Paul De Laet (
Date: Tue Apr 3 17:15:50 2001

gsa 1981 hello gsa lovers, i'm selling my gsa special 1981, rouge géranium, 100.000 km, in good condition (perfect bottom!). My childeren prefer the 2CV. More info via email

From: Stu (
Date: Thu Mar 15 18:17:18 2001

Thanks for the website - I'm thinking of buying a GS, and this has been a really valuable source of information for me. Have a look on - if/when I do buy the car I'll put some information up on there!

From: (
Date: Tue Feb 27 09:34:23 2001

wat een schitterende web-site over de GS-GSA! Ik was in 1970 21 jaar oud toen ik mijn vader overhaalde om in plaats van de 'boring' Ford Cortina's die ie tot die tijd had versleten een van de eerste GSsen die er in Nederland rondreden te kopen; een witte GS 1130. Ik herinner me dat toen we ermee uit de garage wegreden onmiddellijk de fraai geboetseerde 'design' draai-druk handel aan de binnenzijde om de portieren te openen/vergrendelen er af viel en we via de andere deur naar buiten moesten klimmen. Maar wat een bekijks in de buurt! De wagen had een laag koppel en moest goed op toeren worden gehouden, anders trok ie voor geen meter. (de latere 1220 cc. versies waren op dat punt aanzienlijk beter) De door de luchtkoeling snelheidsafankelijke verwarming (of wat er voor door moest gaan) was abominabel en de wagen was al bij middelbare toerentallen knap rumoerig. Maar dit is nou typisch zo'n auto die je alles vergeeft omdat ie in alles afweek van wat gangbaar was in de seventies;

From: Jonathan Naumann (
Date: Sun Feb 25 12:40:44 2001

my GSA miracle As a Christian priest, I feel that I know something about miracles and my Citroen GSA is truly miraculous. If I had thought that finding one in the first place was a miracle (and I do), it is even more miraculous that I am still driving it every day despite the fact that I have not seen another one on the road in Britain in years. Everyone can see me coming because the car is absolutely unique. I thank God for it. You may see a few views of it on my website: Yours faithfully, Jonathan Naumann---------------------------- The Rev'd Dr. Jonathan C. Naumann, pastor - St.Andrew's Lutheran Church Parsonage address: 394 Victoria Road, South Ruislip, Middlesex ENGLAND HA4 OEH Tel. (Church) 020 8866 2703 Tel. & FAX (Home) 020 8845 4242 e-mail Please visit my website: Pastor's E-mail: The w

Date: Fri Feb 23 14:05:49 2001

Congratulations!I`ll never have seen something as your page.My first car(with only eighteen),was a citroen GSA BREAK SPECIAL,1.3 5s.Today,I think it was the best car in the world.This web is absolutly fantastic. Thank you,Mattysk ,for give us an oportunity to enjoy the real taste of citroen.

From: Albert Miró (
Date: Tue Feb 20 15:28:55 2001

Hello, I am writing from Barcelona (Spain) and I can´t believe that other people love GS as much as me. I´m 24 years old and my friends and my girlfriend don´t understand me, they can´t see that GS is a very special car. Citroen never built another car like this. Now in Spain is very difficult to see GS´s on the roads, and your work in this homepage is too important for not forget never this car.Only I miss in this page can hear the engine´s sound!! My father had a GS (Basic version 1220cc) since 1977 to 1993 with 140.000 Km and a long story towing a caravan by European´s roads. After this car, my Dad bought a second hand CX break 2500TD'87 (a fantastic car but it wasn´t the same).And before my parents had a Citroen Dyane'76. I love Citroen´s cars but I miss our GS a lot!Thanks for this fantastic page (I found the paradise!!)and I´ll send you some our GS´s photos for your maravellous gallery (Sorry for my poor English).

From: Albert Miró (
Date: Tue Feb 20 15:28:17 2001

Hello, I am writing from Barcelona (Spain) and I can´t believe that other people love GS as much as me. I´m 24 years old and my friends and my girlfriend don´t understand me, they can´t see that GS is a very special car. Citroen never built another car like this. Now in Spain is very difficult to see GS´s on the roads, and your work in this homepage is too important for not forget never this car.Only I miss in this page can hear the engine´s sound!! My father had a GS (Basic version 1220cc) since 1977 to 1993 with 140.000 Km and a long story towing a caravan by European´s roads. After this car, my Dad bought a second hand CX break 2500TD'87 (a fantastic car but it wasn´t the same).And before my parents had a Citroen Dyane'76. I love Citroen´s cars but I miss our GS a lot!Thanks for this fantastic page (I found the paradise!!)and I´ll send you some our GS´s photos for your maravellous gallery (Sorry for my poor English).

From: Miles (
Date: Mon Feb 19 23:43:48 2001

1977 GS Club 1220 sedan This is a superb site - congratulations! My wife and I have had our GS for 2 years and just love it - it makes me happy just to look at it parked outside our house! It is a pale metallic green, with "BGW" plates - our "Beautiful Green Woman"! Sadly, a vandal decided to jump on the bonnet a couple of weeks ago - it will cost $500 to replace, refit and respray. Oh well, she's worth it! Otherwise, the car is in excellent condition, apart from a little bit of rust at the bottom of the front passenger door and at the top of the boot hatch. One of these days I'll get that fixed up. Without a doubt, it is the best car I have ever owned (I've had 2 Triumphs, a Saab, a Fiat 124 and a Peugeot 404) and I hope to keep it for ever! Although the new Citroens look a little boring compared to the glory days of the DS/GS - if I'm ever forced to buy a new car, it would have to be a Citroen. Cheers, Miles

From: Marko Tasic (tassa@eunet.yu)
Date: Sun Jan 28 07:28:15 2001

Yugoslavia GS Hello, thank you for these car pictures and for engine technical data. I like GS also very much. I suppose that in EU this car was forgotten, but here in Serbia we have still lot of those cars. I am not sure if they were made in Slovenia or in France but if you are interested to buy some GS or GSA car I think that area of former Yugoslavia will be best place for that and especially Serbia today, because due to high standard (for communist countries)in '70-ties we bought lot of those car and due to low standard in '90-ties we still drive GS and GSA, and price of such car here is about 500 euros. You can write to me on tassa@eunet.yu if you want and I can send you advertisements from Belgrade newspapers to tell you exact price if you are interested.

From: sam (
Date: Sun Jan 14 07:36:56 2001

double lives Thanks for the time you put into your GS/GSA page, I found it usefull. I too am a student and wish to own a GS/GSA. However my first car was a Honda (the shame I feel). Here in Australia the BX is generally more expensive than the GS. The cheapest BX 19GT's are around $1800 Australian dollars while a cheep GS club sedan is around $800. Then again restoring the GS might be more expensive than the BX. Why do you think there is a difference? Thanks again Sam

From: Paul-Ivo Burgers (
Date: Wed Dec 27 03:17:04 2000

New Hoi Mattijs, Is een rubriek 'nieuw' (new) op je startpagina misschien een idee, met daarin alle 'laatste wijzigingen' op je site? Groet en alvast gelukkig nieuwjaar. Paul-Ivo

From: Gerry Sinclair (
Date: Tue Dec 26 14:55:23 2000

Cool running Hi there, I have a GSA 1300 Citroen engine, the other day it was 29 deg, cold. I tried putting a piece of cardboard over the oil cooler, but it did not do much on increaseing the temp. You see the engine is not getting warm and I`m not getting any heat inside the vehicle. I have heard of a grill that can be inserted, below 50 deg to let less air into the engine so it can warm up.This engine is in a 85 Trihawk 3 wheeler. Does any one know how much of the opening is blocked off, from air or how big the hole is? My e-mail address is You can e-mail me direct, thanks Gerry S

From: Arne Güldenstein (
Date: Sun Dec 3 13:27:11 2000

New german Site called >< I just wanted to say hello to you and congratulations to your gs/a-site! I've placed a link to your site on my new web-site and would be happy to see if you'll do so in opposite! Please take a look on my site and send me a mail. Best regards, Arne Gueldenstein

From: moshe (
Date: Wed Nov 29 17:43:03 2000

thanks for creating this site ! Hey there. I'm Moshe from Israel (any Israelies around here ?)and i'm only 18 years old. I'm going to get my driving license real soon, and so I'm looking on the net for different kinds of cars which interest me. citroen became one of the most interesting cars for me, thanks to it's special suspension system (hydropneumatic). Now, when I got into this site, it sure came up and hit me in the head - my first car HAVE to be a Citroen gs/gsa or bx. You sure did a very very good job in here - the way you organized all the information, the way the site is built - it's all pretty proffesional. So thanks , and keep it running !!

From: Paul
Date: Sat Nov 25 09:20:14 2000

Brilliant Site Hi, this site is superb. I owned a '83 GSA Special for two years and I miss it greatly. I have also owned a '90 BX 19TZS and an AX 11RE. Keep up the good work, as I have only seen one GSA on the road in the last year and they are getting very rare now.

From: h.p.c. den ruyter (
Date: Tue Nov 21 15:47:13 2000

citroen gsa pallas the best car that still drives is now FOR SALE citroen gsa pallas 49.000 km second owner totally restored everything is new i bougtht it from the first owner and was rusfree it is c-matic with sliding roof everthing is new totally renewed inside out you never see one like this all photes and bills available its value now is 25000 dutch gildens report available otginel inside outside has to be seen selling price 25000 duch gildens all the papers i have to look in too restauration took 3 years. greatings erik

From: c.duba (
Date: Mon Nov 13 13:07:53 2000

Gezocht Onderdelen GS Hoi allemaal, Ik ga beginnen met het klaar maken van mijn x2 tje. Aangezien ik er rally's mee ga rijden ben ik opzoek naar een aantal onderdelen die nodig dan wel sterker zijn. Ik zoek: * Twee (links en rechts) onderste voorwiel ophangingen van gegoten staal, deze bestaan uit een geheel en zijn o.a gebruikt op de G.E (Grande Exportations) uitvoeringen. De citroennummers zijn: Links: 5 460 879 en Rechts 5 460 875 (Ze zien er uit als een grote T.) * Beschermingsplaten onder de auto. O.a Die voor de leidingen naar achter. Nummer: GX 13 339 01 A Die onder de motor, nummer: 95 554 246 en die voor de versnellingsbak, nummer: 95 555 697 en als laatste voor de benzinetank, nummer: 5 464 262 (voorbeelden van dergelijke platen zijn ook goed, dan maak ik ze exact na) * Twee achterwieldraagarmen van een GS break. Nummers Links: 95 542 659 en rechts 95 542 660. Verder ben ik op zoek naar de gewone onderdelen als distributie snaren (X2), veerbollen, rubbers, la

From: Jan Halldén (
Date: Wed Nov 8 03:55:26 2000

Some questions about GSA: Is it difficult and expensive to repair? I have some thoughts to bye one. I like the design. It was a nice site you got here.

From: Adrian Lambess (
Date: Sun Nov 5 04:26:06 2000

G.S.A best small car ever I own three Citroens here in New Zealand.A G.S.A Club break 1983, G.S.A Pallas salon 1980 and a 1988 BX 19GTI.My first car was another G.S.A Pallas which I had restored but sadly was written off after being rear ended. This left me car less and heart broken but soon I was back looking for another. A G.S.A Club Break turned up at a local agent looking very tired but I brought it anyway . It as cost me a fortune over the 4 years I have owned it, trying to do most of the work on it my self it has also caused many a foul word not being the most easy cars to work on.Even though I think they are worth every cent. The ride is unparalled and they provide great driver satisfaction. Keep up the good work I have had heaps of fun reading the articals and letter from all the other Citroen lovers.

From: dik janssen (
Date: Wed Oct 25 03:59:16 2000

Ik weet een vrij groot aantal onderdelen, nieuw en gebruikt voor hoofdzakelijk gs/gsa type. De eigenaar is bereid om in St. Oedenrode (NL) een "onderdelenmarkt" te houden. Iedereen die hierin interesse heeft mag mij mailen. Bij voldoende belangstelling gaat het door en krijgen zij bericht van mij . Met vriendelijke citroen groet, Dik. PS leuke site!

From: Osmo Penttinen (
Date: Sun Oct 22 17:40:37 2000

GSA special 1299cc 1985 I bought today my first hobbycar and now i have to put it a great looking car. rust i everywhere but i have to do work. It is great car. If somebody have any tips senf them to me.

From: Yant Martin-Keyte (
Date: Fri Oct 20 06:03:41 2000

1978 GS Pallas 1220 Great to see a site on the only car I have ever owned. The GS is an underated car even by other Citroen owners. Keep them on the road, yours Yant.

From: Rogier Verhoef (
Date: Mon Oct 16 08:08:03 2000

Van GS naar GSA X1 Hoi allemaal op deze pracht-site, Ook mij doet zo'n site iets. Ben opgegroeid met 2 maal een GSpécial Break, 2 maal GSA X3, daarna BX'n en nu Xantia (3e alweer, Break HDi)... Goed besmet met Citro-virus derhalve en eerste auto was en is een GSA X1 (1984, Gris Perlé). Nu na de studie (kan net aan wel hoor, als je goed bijklust ;-)) voor de km's een 205je diesel erbij en de GSA langzaamaan steeds mooier maken. Op GS2000

nog NET 4 lichtmetalen velgen misgelopen, maar gisteren wel een pakkingset en koppelingset gekocht: la technique s'avance...

From: J>Paterson (
Date: Fri Oct 13 01:48:29 2000

GSA Pallas Totally amazing site. My first car was a GSA Pallas, Which i was the proud owner of 10 years ago, since then i have owned a BX 19digit, BX19TZD, and a XMsei. Here in Scotland, i havn,t seen a GSA on the road, for over 2 years. I miss my GSA so much, thanks for a superb site, which has brought back many wonderful memorys. < best regards >

From: Peter van der Knaap (
Date: Sat Oct 7 11:48:32 2000

GSA X1 Matt, Terrific site!!! After a GS Special and a GSA X1 I keep my third (GSA X1) in top condition, but decided to drive my CX 25 GTi Turbo II instead... Keep going the good work! Peter

From: Paul-Ivo Burgers (
Date: Fri Sep 29 03:02:03 2000

Fraaie site! Hoi Mattijs! Je bent hard op de weg de meest complete site over de GS en GS/A te maken! Ziet er erg goed en verzorgd uit. Nu nog de kleine taalfoutjes uit je engelse teksten (referred ipv reffered etc.) en het is perfect!

From: darren (
Date: Sat Sep 23 17:40:33 2000

memories of citoren gs When I wa s a child (I'm now an elderly 28 years)Both my parents had Citroen GS's My mother had a white GSx2 1977 S reg with black and white checked sporty seats, conventional dials, and my father had an N reg light blue one it was a club model,with the odd square speedo dial. I remember them clearly, such excellent machines, I can hear the sound of the engine NOW! And I remember being Fascinated watching the raising of the suspention in the morning, fantastic!

From: John (
Date: Thu Sep 21 19:37:22 2000

Great site for a great car Hi mat!!! Great site you've got here. My name is John i'm 26 and i live in Greece. As many others on this guestbook i own a GS, a white 1978 GS Club Break 1299cc. It has already done 200.000 km with minor problems (leaking oil, LHM at times) but now is in perfect condition as i also polished it and it looks brand new. For the rest of the Greeks on this book: don't worry we will find gas all the time, BP has a new type of gas, i used it and the car works better than with the old "super" Bye and keep up the good work

From: marc stabel
Date: Tue Sep 12 03:05:33 2000

brochures hallo mattys, nog altijd druk op je site zoals ik weer ervaar. goede zaak. hoe meer liefhebbers hoe beter. als je er nog eens aan toe komt de stapel papier op je bureau uit te zoeken, dan houd ik me aanbevolen voor de "left-overs". laat maar weten. hoop dat de baan je bevalt. marc stabel (via school)

From: Eka Widodo (
Date: Mon Sep 11 11:40:24 2000

I am a newcomer Hi Mattysk, I am Eka, a 32 year old female from Jakarta. It's nice to finally found a special site about Citroen GS. I am a very big fan of Citroen GS Special, and I own a 1989 Grey Citroen GS. I think I have to visit your site more often then ... Thank You!

From: Hvala Mojca (
Date: Thu Aug 10 17:12:10 2000

Me and my GS Pallas Hello Citroen fans! My name is Mojca Hvala and I live in Slovenia. I am an owner of GS Pallas built in 1976 by Cimos in Slovenija. I bought it from the first owner in 1994, so I am the second one for last six years. Up to now I haven't had any special problems with it, but I had regullary checked and changed some parts to keep it in good driving condition. Two months ago I went with my familly to island Krk in Croatia to have short vaccations. Driving GS Pallas all long way along the coast was excellent, without any troubles. Reccently I had a problem with hydraulic and breaking system. Breaks didn't react enough and hydraulich pump couldn't lift the car in any level. Mechanic found out that there was an oil leakage on one of the pipeline in hidraulic system. He changed the pipeline, filled up the system with LHM oil and succesfully fixed the car. My husband bought a new car a week ago. Since we can not afford two cars, we decided to offer GS Pallas at

From: Jan Eriksson (
Date: Tue Jul 11 14:43:10 2000

your GS/GSA site Hi Mattysk, Amazing site. You can spend hours reading and looking at them. I own a GS Special 1974. These cars are extremely rare here in Finland; have not seen an otherone on the road this year yet. The citroen club that I have joined has a GS/GSA "section". We meet regulary and each summer we have a reunion with our GS/GSA cars (most of the cars are used only in summer time).This year we had 6 cars that joined. Will send you some photos later to be added in your library. regards Jan

From: Kentaro Soga (
Date: Mon Jul 10 10:18:30 2000

I'm glad to see GS-lover! From Japan, about 14?years ago I've droven red GS Pallas and had a wonderful days. However, I soon faced serious front suspension troubles, so I gave up her. After change from GS to BX, already 10 years passed. Fortunately in Japan, we have many BX-lover fellows. I will drive BX more than 10 years??? Still I love GS forever! See you someday!

From: simon stahel (
Date: Sun Jul 9 16:47:04 2000

GS - what else? Hi Mattijs Great site you have put up here! I visit it often, and still haven't seen everything. Funny enough, I also grew up in a family of citroënists, and the first car of my parents I can remember was a GS... I don't own one by myself - they have become pretty rare here in Switzerland - but maybe I'll find one some day (Series I, of course). Meanwhile I have to be happy with my AX - not a bad car, but how boring in comparison... Keep going on with your site, I love it!

From: pieter pijlman (
Date: Thu Jun 29 10:11:18 2000

Wat een geweldige pagina! Het grappige is, dat ik precies dezelfde ''story'' met de GS heb. Ik ben -denk ik- net zo oud als jij (GEB.19-09-'76) en studeer ook. Ook mijn vader kwam op een dag in 1981 thuis met een beige g special uit '77. Vanaf dat moment zijn we alletwee helemaal gek van die auto. Later hebben we naast twee visa's nog twee gsa's break gehad. Toen volgde onvermijdelijk een zwarte bx 16 tgi break uit '90. Ik vind je bx, zo van de plaatjes gezien er heel goed uitzien! Ik kan me inderdaad voorstellen dat een gs hebben (en onderhouden) niet te combineren is met een studie. Ga zo door, dan komt die gs/gsa er vanzelf! Groeten van Pieter Pijlman

From: vincent grondin (
Date: Sat Jun 3 01:01:52 2000

URGENT : SAVE a GS !!! First of all, congratulations for your site. It is a great hommage to the GS-GSA which deserve it. Now, I have something that I hope may interest yourself or anybody. My brother has just bought a ZX turbo D and he can't keep (due to parking) his GS PALLAS anymore. This car as to be moved as soon as possible, so if anybody wants it, it can be acquired at only a "symbolic" price. Here are its specifications: Model GS Pallas 1976, beige, 1220cc engine, green-coloured glasses, brown tissue interior (in a very good state, with even the original smelling...), very few rust (due to anti-corrosion treatment some years ago), 85000 kms (certified), cockpit in a very good state also (even the "Pallas" sign is shining !), brand new XZX tyres, technical check passed end of april. The only thing to do to have this car as new as origin, is to de-bump 2 doors and repaint it. This car as always been well maintained, and it is too bad to be forced to throw it away if nobody

From: Theo (
Date: Thu Jun 1 13:18:29 2000

So beautiful !!!!!!! Hello everybody! I have a GSA 1299cc, 1982 , white ,and i love her! She is so beautiful!!! I wish i could show you a fotograph of her. I'll try to scan one and send it to mattysk. Here in Greece people love their cars but the gs and gsa's you can see in good condition are very few. I spent a lot of money for her but i still want to! She is like the day she was born in 1982. Don't you think it is the best car in the world ever? her brakes , her handling, her comfort, her tripping, her boxer aircooled engine,her enigmatic face, her 15' weels, her shape! EVERYTHING! I can't find a better car to replace her. And i will never do! Perfect site.

From: Drago Valh (
Date: Thu May 4 11:28:57 2000

La GS Hi there, That's an excellent page you've created. My name is Drago and I', from Slovenia. I'm a big Citroen fan (Dyane, ami, 2CV, DS) and I've just bought a Gs Club 1220, year 1976. I'm trying to arrange a small collection of Citroen cars. My GS has 106800 km and it's in suprisingly good condition, no rust at the bottom of the doors, inner rear wings or, floor. Its biggest handicap is that the first owner has cut out a pair of holes from the back shelf in order to attach the speakers and a hole in the roof for the antena. However, I thing It's an excellent piece to be rebuild and restore as the body isn't rusty, has never been reassembled and it has still the first paint. The car is Slovene built with conventional headlights and, you won't beleive it, in beige colour. Take care, Drago

From: Kappi (
Date: Tue Apr 25 17:04:20 2000

Hey Hou Hi Matt ... Grüsse von Kappi Nicht schlecht deine Seite!!!

From: Mattis Urskog (
Date: Thu Apr 6 13:58:44 2000

I am a fellow worshipper GreetinGS! I am a 19 year old boy from Norway with a 1980 GSA Club as my first car. I've grown up in a family of Citroënists. In 1980(when I was born, my father bought his First Citroën. A DS,then it was two CX, before his first heathen mischief. A Toyota! Then it was two more CX, one actually with right side steeringwheel. English version. Then it was a VW Golf, before his was back into a CX Break. Then came the time for me to buy my first car. It was a GSA. My father saw that it was a great car, so he bought a 1982 model himself. This was a little misused, so he bought a 1984 model to have as a spareprartauto. This was however so good, he registrated this instead. My uncle on my motherside have had Citroën his entire lifetime as well. All CX. My brother's first two cars was a GS, then a GSA. After that, he converted into Peugeot, still french, but... What I like the most with this car, is the thin wheels! I get the "Hollywood"-effect, screeching from

From: Guido Heffungs (
Date: Tue Mar 21 05:04:57 2000

GSA-Fans Attention Ich verkaufe zwei GSA zum Preis von einem!!!!! 1. Bj 83 Rentnerfahrzeug in guter Kondition 60000(!),super Reifen(94%),Alus, Inspektion neu mit Zahnriemen,Pallasinstrumente,silbergrau mit grau 2. Bj 83 12000

0, Nockenwellenschaden, Motor läuft, zum Schlachten und aufbauen Preis für beide 1100 DM Kontakt über meinen Freund oder Telefon +49 2151 787378 AB rufe zurück

From: Guido Heffungs (
Date: Tue Mar 21 05:02:54 2000

GSA-Fans Attention Ich verkaufe zwei GSA zum Preis von einem!!!!! 1. Bj 83 Rentnerfahrzeug in guter Kondition 60000(!),super Reifen(94%),Alus, Inspektion neu mit Zahnriemen,Pallasinstrumente,silbergrau mit grau 2. Bj 83 12000

0, Nockenwellenschaden, Motor läuft, zum Schlachten und aufbauen

From: André (
Date: Sat Mar 4 13:49:28 2000

Great site! Congratulations to you for making such a well structured and informative site. Since about half a year I own a CX 25 GTI Turbo2, build in 1988, but unfortuneatly it makes more problems, than I thought it would. So, by now, I´ve decided to sell it and a few days ago I saw a GSA "live" for the first time. Because of this incident, I´m thinking about looking for and then probably buying a late GSA. From searching in AltaVista for "Citroen GS" I directly came to your site and, well , here I am and much wiser than before. Thank you for doing the good work. Continue that way.

From: Henry Kaljé (
Date: Thu Feb 17 09:52:50 2000

GSA Nice to visit your site. At home we have a 1984, maroon GSA, which I'm restoring. Presently, the missus drive's a 1987 BX and I drive a Peugeot 205 from 1987. We are still looking for a donor car to finisch the retauration of the GSA and for myself, I'm looking for a BX as daily transport. Ofcourse it would be great to be able to find a driveable GSA, but they are hard to find and I drive too many Km's to be able to drive a GSA. Perhaps you've got some idea's on this matter. Keep up the good work. Kind regards, Henry

From: Tom Spindler (
Date: Mon Feb 14 17:02:11 2000

GREAT! I've found my paradise! What a page! Great! Here in Austria, nobody seems to be interested in the GS/A. It's nearly impossible to find accessoirs for my 'Jean-Michel' (GSA X1, model'83). Now, I try to contact GS/A drivers all over the world. This car was (and is) too good, too individual and too 'Citroën' to be forgotten! Looking at the dash, many people think, that the dash was self-constructed...

From: david (
Date: Wed Feb 9 14:32:34 2000

Looking for a gs Real nice site.... I'm a real gs fan, and i'm looking for one. I want to have a 1974 or 1975 model gs 1220 club. pallas. of confort Break. So everybody can mail me ' At tethe moment i'm driving a 70' az-a2 2cv ( ac 423) eand a 85 model 2cv6. For special days I drive a 74 dyane

From: marc stabel
Date: Wed Feb 9 08:06:17 2000

site Hallo, je site ziet er netjes uit. Er staan wat foutjes in , maar ook hele interessante zaken. Groeten, Marc Stabel, via school.

From: marin rusinov (
Date: Tue Jan 18 16:34:53 2000

I have CSA Special Krispin hi My name is Marin Rusinov from Bulgaria.I have Citroen GSA Special Krispin Model 83.But here in Bulgaria there is no information and I don't know nothing about my car.Whold you like to send me a E-mail with information about my engine and HP,and everithig.My left glass isn't original and I can't find here in BG. The Special Citroen Company can't find nothing about my car.They told me that there isn't that model, but I have it.I think that this car is only 6 in the world.Is that true? Bye.

From: Theo (
Date: Mon Jan 17 12:54:50 2000

GSA my love!!! Dear friends. I'm so happy of found a lot of "crazy" people with their own GS or GSA. I am the owner of a shining and lovely white gsa (maybe the best in greece) 1982 model and really fast!! (1299cc). I 'm only 22 and our gsa was my second mother!!! My father given me the gsa in 1997 in a good but not the best condition. After some easy crashes , the car has new bumpers ,lights and shining colour. the engine 1129cc was replaced by a 1299cc in 1998

light used, with electronic distrib. solex carb.and only 70.000 km. The car has alredy done 260.000 km since 1982 byt still standing proud!!! I am happy and disapointed in the same time. The cockpit starts braking because of the sun and the "super" gasoline is dying in 2 years here in Greece. You can see a lot of gs and gsa here but in a bad condition. I have to spend a lot of money for services and to keep my gsa as she was "young". I also need a lot of time and i don't have those two things. I would like t

From: Nebo (
Date: Fri Jan 14 22:17:06 2000

We are relatives !!! Hello, After visiting your site I feel like we are relatives. I was born in 1965 in Yugoslavia. My father is a mechanical engineer. His first car was 2CV in 1968. In 1970 he bought Ami 8. Since I saw GS in early seventies, I was in love with the car. My father used to own 1997 Pallas, which I drove until 1988. At that time, my father bought Dyane 6 and gave me his pristine 1980 GS Super 1.3. In 1993, I emigrated to Canada, and I left my GS with my father. The car has never been winter driven, it has original paint, 80,000KM and it is in pristine condition. I miss it a lot here in Canada. There are no Citroen's here. Thank you very much for this very special experience. Regards, Nebo

From: dalmasso (
Date: Mon Dec 27 14:15:56 1999

félicitations ! My english is so bad... I prefer to write in french. Félicitation pour votre site qui est une vrai mine! Je possède une GSA PALLAS de 1982 qui a 70000 KM. Sa tenue de route et sa suspension sont extroardinaires! En France, la GS est bien oubliée, et je suis surpris de voir tant de fans partout dans le monde. A bientôt.

From: bezlaj bojan (
Date: Tue Nov 30 05:58:12 1999

slovenia hi there I still drive gs 1.3 super made in 1979 in slovenija by cimos.see you on this web site soon.

From: nicola carron (
Date: Fri Oct 8 10:02:36 1999

I'm so amazed by this wonderful site about the GS/GSA. Of course no one French people cares about it ( sometimes I regret that Citroen is a French brand althought I'm a french guy.) I'm 30 years old and spent my life in a Gs then GSA when I was a child!! Today I drive a Citroen (Saxo 16V)

From: Matthias (
Date: Sat Oct 2 04:22:56 1999

GS/GSA Homepage To my opinion this is the best GS site so far. I have even included a link to it when I was renovating my GS page( these days. My other interesting page to have a look at is CITROEN DS CLUB OF SLOVENIA( Best regards, Matthias.

From: Eugen CRETU (
Date: Mon Sep 6 06:48:15 1999

Citroen GSA Hi, I am Eugen, and I am living in Bucharest, Romania. I have a GSA Pallace from 1981, and I am repairing it. I think that it's a great car, but complicated mechanical speacking. In Romania are only a few of that but you can find second-hand spare parts. I have the SERVICE MANUALS for GSA and if somebody needs help just e-mail me and I will be happy to send the informations. I am glad to see that there are other peoples that love this car.

From: håvar K. Stokke (
Date: Fri Jul 2 07:05:42 1999

Lovely site on lovely cars Hello there fellow citroënian! I am like you a big fan of the GS/A series, and until a year ago I was the happy owner of an eggshellcoloured 1983 Citroën GSA Spécial Break. It was fairly sound, apart from the odd rust spot. However in a brief moment of insanity I decided to sell the var. Luckily the new owner turned out to be just as mad about these cars as I am. So I guess it will be taken good care of. (Puh, what a relief, another one rescued from the grave) Here in Norway we you don't actually see a GS/A every day. They are actually quite rare, primarily due to the cold and moist climate we "enjoy" Good luck with your future GSA, and once again, congrats with your excuisite homepage. Greetings from Håvar

From: Luka (
Date: Fri Jun 18 12:50:17 1999

My GS Hello again! My 1979. GS still hangs on, it suffered some minor damage about one month ago. I had to make 180 degrees turn in very bad dead-end road, so, while driving backwards I had to go off the road. There was very bumpy meadow, I forgot to raise my GS on second height position (I was a little bit drunk), so I scratched front bottom part (where hydrulic pump is). So, pump suffered minor damage, it was leaking hydraulic oil, but I didn't realize it at that very moment. After it (it happened somewhere around Rijeka) I went on 180 km ride back to Zagreb (where I study electrotechnics ). Low pressure red light went on some 70-80 km before Zagreb, but brakes and suspension still worked and I got to Zagreb safely (with red light constantly on)! An outstanding example of Citroen's endurance. I must find some time to repair the pump (or rubber hose, I still don't know). Your page rules. Keep up the good work! Luka

From: Christian Tranefjord
Date: Wed May 12 18:23:54 1999

Sweden Well, as being an old GS/GSA owner i must say that this is NICE. Ten years ago nobody cared for these cars, they throwed them after you and I almost collected GS cars having at least eight ones at the same time... Now I drive a CX Reflex D Break -86, but if I in the future find a GS from the years before -75 I will buy it. Thanks for this lovely GS Site!

From: Pavel Konvalinka (
Date: Sat Apr 17 10:43:05 1999

Hydraulic system Hi GSA-friends, my name is Pavel and I am living in Prague in Czech Republic. I bought my GSA Model 86 ago two years in very bad conditions and I am restorying it slowly. Within my last ride I lost about 1 litre of LHM but I drove with this absence of LHM a few km (20?). I changed after it a short rubber hose near from right front wheel and fill in LHM. However from this time will not my GSA pick up on the normal height. Please whoever from GSA-owners can help me with a wrinkle on my e-mail. GSA is in Czech Republic quite rare and exist too little of experiences. I understand english and german. Thank you for any message. Pavel

From: Paul van der Meys (
Date: Mon Apr 5 06:51:57 1999

My new GS 1220 Club Hi! I've just bought a 1974 GS 1220 and think it's really great. It's done 95,000 km by 4 owners and is in pretty good condition. It's white with a black interior. Great to see a site devoted to these cars.They only imported about 1000 GS/GSA's here in New Zealand. Keep up the good work !!

From: Fury_one (
Date: Thu Mar 18 00:10:39 1999

Me and my GS cottage My GS Cottage was build in 1984. I am very proud to ride my GS every time to any place where i am going to.

From: Dario Siena (
Date: Sun Mar 14 14:05:56 1999

CITROEN GS Extraordinary, this THE SITE FOR CITROEN GS. I am a happy owner of a CITROEN GS PALACE (1979), and I am in love with it. Here in my copuntry (ARGENTINA), there are a few of it in the street, and I am very proud of my GS.(Sorry for my English).

From: C. Duba (
Date: Thu Feb 11 12:52:10 1999

Wanted : Citroen GS X2 1974 / 1975 Hello there, Realy nice gs pages. Good info about the different types. But i have a question to all the GS X2 drivers who have one for sale. I want to buy one in good shape. It must be a old model with chrome bumpers. I want to use the car for classic Fiva rallye's. I am the owner of a GS club from January 1971 in very good conditions. And i think it is not very good for this car to drive another rally. The engine is working to hard to keep up with the rest of the cars. Greetings Casper Duba, Koedijk, NL e-mail :

Date: Sun Jan 31 06:54:31 1999


From: Alexander (
Date: Tue Jan 26 08:32:06 1999

Citroën is the best Really nice site here. I like the GS a lot, but have just a AMI Super right now. Am trying to get my hands on a Basalte from my home town. Would like some more pics of the GS/GSA engines and technical stuff.

From: FRITZ boettger (
Date: Wed Jan 20 22:54:31 1999

Buy back 72 GS Club Hi Matt gotta get it back, always trading with another local collector, was my little CX (85) just checking in, Fritz

From: Christian Raddum (
Date: Tue Jan 12 12:15:55 1999

Great site for a great car !! Like you I am a big fan of the GS/GSA. I own a very pretty 1981 GSA Pallas with no rust, and thats fantastic I think. The engine bay looks almost as new after I took out the engine and changed all the seals, now I wonder to give it a new coat of paint, and it would look like new. Also have a nice -72 DSpecial, a wonderful black -85 CX 25 GTI Turbo, a project 1971 2CV4 and a daily -84 BX 16 TRS. I am 24 and a student too here in cold Norway... Next year the GS celebrates its 30th birthday and become a classic. Keep up your nice site.

From: Yohsuke Narabayashi (
Date: Mon Jan 11 17:08:34 1999

Good Page! Hello! I have GS1220 pallas Here is my page

From: Ed (
Date: Thu Jul 23 15:32:01 1998

GS / GSA As a prospective owner next month of a GS Break I was thrilled to find your wonderful site. Have you any pics of a GS Break ? Keep up the good work...I'll be a regular visitor!

From: Bessirard (bessirar@easynet)
Date: Tue Jun 16 00:14:11 1998

GS Very nice site indeed. Do you know that one of the reason of the Citroen road handling is the very special geometry of the front train? The tyres always turn around theyre own center, so that there reactions in the steering wheel are completely null, even on very bad roads. (It is called in french 'pivot dans l'axe'. This explain why GS (DS and SM) can have one tyre exploded without communicating any forces to the driver's hands, even at high speed. (Excuse my poor english, and once again, very nice site !).

From: Mert Topel (
Date: Fri Jun 5 20:00:31 1998

A beautiful site for a beautiful car. I love the CX,GS-GSA,DS and SM like I love nothing.So I was interested in your site.It is very beautiful and complete.I wish it had more color photos in the gallery section.Anyway ,I loved your site .Please keep it alive!

From: Mike Holden (
Date: Wed Jun 3 16:29:53 1998

GS Birotor Have recently acquired a GS Birotor in the UK and am currently restoring the car. Noticed the ad for sale featuring the Australian right hand drive Birotor but the Email address for contacting seems to be incorrect. Have you any info on the whereabouts of this car or the present owner, other than it is in Sydney? Impressed with your efforts. Keep it up.

From: Mike West (101340,
Date: Thu Feb 5 16:24:53 1998

My GSA Loved the site. A credit to the car. My Pallas is still going strong, smooth and silky after 110,000. Brilliant.

From: fred (
Date: Mon Feb 2 11:27:22 1998

me and my gs hello matt! I am very lucky to find an own homepage for the citroen gs. I have my '79 gs special for 14 years now and I love it. There is hardly any other car with such a feeling of comfort. I live in austria and you can hardly see another gs on our streets. many gs rusted away during our winter times when salt was used on the streets. luckily I never drove my gs during the winter and so it is still very nice. this homepage is a great idea and it helps to keep the gs alive!