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This homepage wouldn't be what it is without the help of other people. I therefor would like to thank the following people, in no particular order for in one way or another contributing to this homepage:

  • Citroën Garage Van Dijk, Delfzijl, The Netherlands, Mr. van Dijk Sr, for providing technical and other information.

  • Keith WR Jones, for his help with spell checking the site.

  • Gerald Hammenga, for his help with the site structure.

  • IJsbrant Smit, for his help with technical matters and providing photo's.

  • Julian Marsh, for his research on GS prototypes and specials.

I would like to thank the following people for submitting photo's, images and information:
Ales Krajnean, Richard Williams, Jordi Lacorte, Hans Tacq, David Lyon, Andrew Cox, Christophe Schében, Michael Julicher, Ricard Wolf, Adrian Chapman, Eko Prabowo, Adam Reif, Ron Veltkamp, Dave Heaney, Jake Ricketts, Marty van den Besselaar, Jan Matthijs Werkman, Wim Van den Bergh Bas Vanmeulebrouk, Alfred Herz, Andrew Cox, Andreas Holzinger, Ismo Nakki, Andrea Crociani, Stephen Irawan, Jorma Eerola, Bob Blackman, Robert Klijn Brinkema, Menno Spoormaker, Ruben van den Horst, Thijs van der Zanden, Alberto Miro, Martijn van Well.

If forgot to mention anyone, sorry, please let me know!

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